Elliott Wave Principle Online Course

Everyone who invests in the DSE should research their holdings in the light of Technical Analysis and Elliot Wave specifically


This course is about the practical application of Elliott Wave Theory developed by Sir Ralph Nelson Elliott, according to which the prices in the stock market reflect the crowd psychology of humans which being repetitive forms patterns. These patterns being recognizable on the chart give us predictive power.

You will learn trading using Technical Analysis in it's purest form.

Throughout the course I have discussed the basic thought process in a systematic manner so that trainers can understand the complete application part.

The aim behind this course is to make anyone who takes this course efficient enough to do their own analysis based on the Elliott Wave Principles and be able to make short term Trading or Investment decisions based on their learning.

Mr. Rahmat Ullah has been instructing Elliott Wave Training classes for the last 3 years and still loves it with a passion.He is an Civil Engineer by training who completed his BSc. In Civil Engineering from BUET, worked in various govt. project since then. Also served at Care International for 12 years. Rahmat Ullah has often provided training on behalf of the IEB The Institute of Engineers Bangladesh) on technical and soft-skills topics. His philosophy is that everyone who invests in the DSE should research their holdings in the light of Technical Analysis and Elliot Wave specifically.

  • Module 1

    1. Core concept of Elliott Wave Principle.
    2. Mode of Wave Development:
  • Module 2

    (A) Motive Wave
    1. Impulse
    2. Extension
    3. Truncation
  • Module 3

    1. Ending Diagonal
    2. Leading Diagonal
    3. Orthodox Tops and Bottom
  • Module 3

    (B) Corrective Wave
    1. Zigzag
    2. Flat
    3. Triangle
    4. Combination
  • Module 5

    • The 5 Core Elliott Wave Pattern.
    • Use of Fibonacci Retracement & Extension for Counter trend & Target measurement respectively.
    Guideline of Wave Formation
    • Alternation
    • Depth of corrective waves
    • Wave equality
    • Charting the wave
    • Channeling
    • Throw over
    • Volume
    • The “Right look”
  • Module 6

    1. Support & Resistance and Gap interpretation.
    2. Summary of Rules and Guidelines for Waves Principle.
    3. The Importance of Trend, Pattern, Momentum & Candlestick
    4. When the best Time to “ Pull the Trigger”
    5. Relevant Indicator, such as MACD, RSI, Stochastic, EWO, Vegas Tunnel etc for confirmation of wave counting.
    6. Practical Application

What you'll learn from this course

  • Know how the Professional Traders, Hedge Fund and Mutual Fund managers look at the markets.
  • Deduce high probability and low risk trades by following the deductive approach for Day Trading, Swing Trading and Investment.
  • Practical use of Fibonacci levels in taking trades and placing stop loss orders.
  • Understand Elliott Wave Principles and use them for Short-term Trading and Investment.
  • Have a clear understanding of market psychology.
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